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Wheels tires and spinning things....

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So now that I am getting the SS ready for the track i have a few wheel and tire questions that somebody has maybe already figured out.

First, my track plan.
I ordered 2 Mopar 18x4.5's Demon wheels and MT sportsmans for the track up front. I will rotate the Stock NT05R's as my drag rears.

Next, my street plan.
I have 2 HellCat 20x10.5 +25 backspacing wheels with 315x35x20 NT05R's left over from the SCAT that i hope put on the back until i finish wearing them out then put some all season street tires on them. I assume they should fit the rear no problem since its a wide-body? My biggest question is will those same wheels and tires fit the front? If so I will match them and order 2 more 20x10.5s with a 315x35x20 for the front.

I suppose i can jack her up and put the old wheels and tires on to test, front and back? If somebody has already skinned this cat would save me some time.
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