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Where are you guys mounting your dragy?

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I want to do a few runs, looked around the interior I really couldn't find a flat spot that was metal to stick it to.

Where you guys mounting it?
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I know a lot of guys just stick them to the frame or flat area under the hood. Is there a spot you could stick it to on the seat track/rail or a metal bracket under the seat?

I still haven't even opened mine yet to install it, but does it come with a piece of flat metal with sticky tape on the back? If so, you could probably stick that to the inside of the center console. If not, you may be able to make something like that to use.
I have mine in my sun glass holder
Does it not have to be strapped down in a certain direction for the accelerometer to work properly? I assumed, and the OP may have as well, that it is directional specific and needs to be mounted, kind of like a trailer brake controller.
It has to be mounted on a level surface(or very close to it) with the top of it exposed to the sky so it can read the GPS signals.

Sunglass holder won't work, or if it is taking readings there, it can't be the most accurate (poor GPS reception and not level)!

An ideal place would be under the front or rear window. Just that I'd have to use velco or something, there is no metal object there....... On my GTO I could stick it to a speaker grill in the rear and it worked perfect.

I'm sure you can also mount it outside on the fender or roof or something, but I'm not risking it flying off.
Ok, so it's all GPS satelite based and no accelerometers I guess, I didn't realize that. I did a little reading and it looks like they come with an adhesive backed metal strip that you could stick on the dash or rear deck maybe. You may be able to set it up right behind the headrest on the rear deck to where it is hardly even noticeable. Did yours come with that strip? I'll have to open mine and see if it has one.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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