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Which Fuel System?

  • Fore L3 Duel Pumps

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  • Fore L3 Triple Pumps

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  • Fore L4 Duel Pumps

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  • Fore L4 Triple Pumps

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With Black Friday quickly approaching I am looking to pick up the last few parts for my build. One of the last pieces is the fuel system. I will be running E85. With my builds I only like to buy parts once so I am looking for a fuel system that will leave me some room to grow in the future. I'm not a fan of boost-a-pumps so I would like to avoid those if possible. I am looking at Fore Innovations L3 or L4 systems with duel or triple pumps. The question is which system would be the best?

  • L3 - Regulator mounted before rails. (pre-regulated)
  • L4 - Traditional parallel feed, post regulated configuration

Current Parts:
  • Hellraiser 2.72"
  • ATI 10% lower
  • Kooks 2" long tube headers
  • 105mm throttle body
  • Ported snout
  • ID 1300 injectors
  • FI spacers and thermal blanket
  • 180 degree thermostat
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