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Whipple Gen 5 3.0 Liter

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I just wanted to post this real fast. While I dont have a bunch of info yet, I reached out to Dustin Whipple on linkedin and let him know about the issue I have had with the whipple. If any of you have noticed that the air box it ships with for the Hellcats with the gasketed air box ( 2019+), you'll find that it does not seal as it is concave where the factory set up is a flat surface. Lets heat in and sounds weird. Also, in my case I have been getting P012B codes for the by-pass valve getting stuck open. In my case it almost caused a semi-trailer to run right up my back side as I was merging on the the freeway.

That said, Dustin Whipple was very responsive and helpful. Once I get more details from them I'll share here. Maybe Whipple staff will have some ideas.

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I haven’t had any fitment issues other than with the fuel rails, but if the bypass valve isn’t taken care of properly you will have issues with boost leak etc.
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