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White Charger HC @ Stateline in Fort Mill SC - SOLD

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If anyone is looking for a white Charger HC, there is one at Stateline in Fort Mill SC. I think it is a 15k $ markup. Didn't look at the price tack what all the options are. Prize is around 84k $ in store and nearly 86k $ online if I remember correct.

There phone: (803) 396-1000

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat AUTO Transmission Bright White Exterior in Fort Mill SC Serving Charlotte NC
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Thy just had this on ebay with no reserve for the last three days. Cheap Bastards just pulled it. I'm surethey were scared it wouldn't go higher. They started the auction for MSRP & it only had one bid. I was about ready to bid on it.
If they waited until the last 12-24hrs before auction ends they would be forced to sell it to highest bidder. At that point they would not be able to cancel the auction
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