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White Charger HC @ Stateline in Fort Mill SC - SOLD

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If anyone is looking for a white Charger HC, there is one at Stateline in Fort Mill SC. I think it is a 15k $ markup. Didn't look at the price tack what all the options are. Prize is around 84k $ in store and nearly 86k $ online if I remember correct.

There phone: (803) 396-1000

2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat AUTO Transmission Bright White Exterior in Fort Mill SC Serving Charlotte NC
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I do not want to discourage anyone from posting a HellCat lead. It is up to the individual to decide what they are willing to/or can pay, and whether they feel like calling to negotiate a price. If it does not work out, so be it, but we don't know to even try unless people put out the initial lead. Just sayin' ... :D

I guess my point was you'd have to be pretty inept not to be able to find a marked up Hellcat on your own. They are everywhere and ridiculously easy to find. If we post every marked up "lead" it just creates a bunch of noise and gives airtime to the price gouging dealers. Just my two cents.
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