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The truth on this topic is there's 2 major kinds of car people. People who respect the cars, and people who want respect because of the car. They like and enjoy their cars, or they desperately want people to see them driving that car. To really hammer on this, it's the difference between someone who is primarily given some joy or fulfillment by owning, maintaining, and driving their car. It's an internal thing. These other folks want the car for a prop. It's about them, not the car. We're basically talking pride vs. vanity.

In the real world, 90% of drivers have no clue what a Hellcat is. Of the remainder, maybe 8% knows what a HC is by name, but they don't KNOW what a Hellcat is. Drive thru window employee, "IS THAT A HELLCAT?!" Is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. The other 2% knows that a car like this is a BS fake. These attention seekers want the fake Hellcat because they're of the group that knows what a HC is, and what people like them think how cool it must be to own one. So, in an effort to be cool, they spawn a fauxcat. The people who take personal pride in their vehicle tend to respect it for what it is. They don't turn Scat Packs into HC fakes. The opinion of a 16 yr old teenager walking down the sidewalk doesn't matter. It matters a lot to someone who does make a fake HC. For them, a wet dream scenario would be to drive past 4 women at the beach and one of them says, "NICE HELLCAT! TAKE ME FOR A RIDE!"

These cars have "Panty Dropper Mode" start button covers. Their car's entire purpose is to attract attention to try and make that dream a reality, and they're usually driven by younger people in their 20s. Vanity tends to peter out the older you get. Unless they're a narcissist.

I think that's pretty much the answer.
Spot on!

Don't forget those that are just smart asses and also do it just to be funny or poke fun. I have a few friends like this but typically most know they are just being a retard, like for instance the Avenger car with the Hellcat emblem. Most likely this is just a character trying to poke fun and be funny.
1 - 1 of 77 Posts