Selling my Velgen Forged SL5 wheels for Charger or Challenger WB. Had them on my scat originally that was black and now I have a blue one that these won't really go with. Already picked up another set of Velgen wheels to try.

I'm offering these on the FB pages w/out shipping but will ship them to anyone on this form for $4700. I love forums

Wheels are flawless aside from one minor curb rash spot on one of the wheels. My fat ass was getting taco bell within the first couple days of having them on and hugged a small portion of the curb on the front wheel, the other three are perfect (pics shown). These wheels were (not sure if they still are but should be close) $5500 new for the set shipped and take 6 weeks to make.

Let me know if anyone has any questions. I'm tired of getting the "are these still available" on FB so I'd rather sell to a fellow forum member. Happy to drive an hour or so to meet someone also and avoid shipping and save the buyer some $$. I'm in the Midwest.

Size is 20x11.5 with stock 305 tire size. I'm also more than willing to separate the wheels/tires for a lower price. Just let me know!