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2019 Challenger widebody redeye sublime
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I used to have a 15 srt challenger and had ordered and installed the demon sway bars and springs from steve white motors .My 15 was totaled last july and i pulled all the parts off for my 19 redeye widebody i bought in November. I finally got around to swapping the front sway bar to the demon one and WOW what a difference in weight. I did not weigh them before I installed it. But the redeye one is a soild bar and really heavy and the demon one is hollow and way lighter.I had the demon one in my old car for over a year and did not notice the handling difference if any but i sure can understand how the demon does wheelies .My car is still laid up for the winter so i will find out in the spring. My 15 ran 11.6 NA after i swaped the springs and sway bars (the rear sway bar is the same for both cars and not needed fyi) i picked up a tenth with the suspension swap last year so it was worth it. Cant wait to run the redeye.


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Yes, it will fit a charger.
You would likely not see a difference in time on a swap. You would be better off just removing the bar for track days.
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