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Widebody wheels lil devil fenders

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Any clearance issues with widebody wheels on a narrow body with lil Devil fender flares? Just didn't know if backspacing or anything would be an issue.


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I'm currently running 315s on back with replica wheels without issue. So I think it's doable, but I'd love a reputable source for reference prior to buying anything.
I saw that thread.... unfortunately conflicting info in it. So still up for debate.

My current rear tires stick out of the factory fender, but have plenty of room with the lil devil fenders. Granted I don't think they stuck out 1.5". However, I probably have at least 1 or more inches left to play with.
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I used zl1 rock guards with my lil devil fenders and they work great. Car stays cleaner for a lot longer. Yeah my 315's fit great on the rear but I'm not sure of the offset on my aftermarket wheels.

I still can't believe no one has any concrete info on this issue though. There has to be a vendor that knows.

1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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