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Widebody wheels lil devil fenders

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Any clearance issues with widebody wheels on a narrow body with lil Devil fender flares? Just didn't know if backspacing or anything would be an issue.


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Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Grille

Done right you can fit 12” of drag radial under the car

If that’s not enough tire you could do a mini tub and custom shock tower

Or you could always cut up yer kids swimming pool

You won’t be able to level the car if you go that route tho : )
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The one I am running is 1.5” taller than my oem tire. Wanted biggest possible footprint at the track

91.4” rollout @ 24 psi

I have no means to accurately measure the diameter but 91.4 divided by 3.14159 is 29.1”

10.5” wheel with 6.8” back space tucks a 3580 mickey without pounding the rib in no problem on my ‘16. Even after I set the camber to 0°
Gotta just love how wheels and tires use a crazy mix of inches, mm, and ratios…”

Think I’m in the lane next to the guy that invented offset:

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle
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So a 10.5" wheel with 17mm ET, 3580 MTs are 305/45-18 right? Looks like those are still 20" wheels on back. I guess 18 looks close to 20 from a distance.
Which wheels are those? They look nice.

When you said 12" I was thinking wheel width not tire width. I already knew you could fit 305 fairly well under there. It's 315s that start to get really tight and sometimes rub.

Gotta just love how wheels and tires use a crazy mix of inches, mm, and ratios to describe them.
18” front n back. They are the super expensive imported jobs lol. race star (almost $130 ea ha). Thanks!

I said 12” for the same reason mickey prolly advertises them as they do? Real slicks were always measured in inches. Tread width, height and rim diameter. I bet Mickey did the radials like this for street guys that would order too large of a tire? Section width is more lame than wheel offset cuz it changes from rim to rim. 3580 is 11.8 on a 10” rim. My rim is 10.5 so prolly 12”? Whatever 3580 (305) has 1/4” wider tread than 17” 3572 (305). And it’s a inch taller. Don’t know how many more square inch of contact but it’s more. Same amount of sidewall to wrinkle. Mickey doesn’t make a 315 in a 18 in the et street R and the 17 they do make is huge. Over 30”. My M&H fronts are barely over 28 tall and wanted 1” stagger max. Zero chance the puter applies front brake. Looks better too imo
18’s fit a HellCat. Yes

*They put bigger brakes on some of the trims this year tho. There is a thread in the drag racing section about 20” fronts for those cars
Have you tried to find the specs for the wheels you are considering????

I don’t have or want flares so all the research and measuring I did was for a regular challenger. Like dude just said 10.5 wide at +27 (6.8 bs) is perfect for our cars. You are just gonna have a additional .6” or so to the outside
A 11” wheel w -2.5 offset would be horrible on my car lol. The extra 2” over my stock 9 is almost ALL to the outside.

1.75” of it anyways
Skate board 🤮

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

picture the rim sticking out another 1.5+ inches from where mine is

its not gonna fit inside a lil devil
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