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Widebody wheels lil devil fenders

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Any clearance issues with widebody wheels on a narrow body with lil Devil fender flares? Just didn't know if backspacing or anything would be an issue.


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I haven't seen anyone do this that I'm aware of. I would like to see the result though if you give it a try.
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I'm currently running 315s on back with replica wheels without issue. So I think it's doable, but I'd love a reputable source for reference prior to buying anything.
The only issue I see is that the Lil Devil flares don't extend as far out as the WB flares so the WB wheels will poke.
Wouldn't you have rubbing issues to on the fender? The widebodys are clearanced there to allow for proper wheel movement without rubbing. That's the one thing I haven't figured out with those that run wider rims and the flares. How do you keep from hitting your fender if you hit a bump or go over a speed bump at anything but a crawl? I've been debating on these since I bought my car but that's my real hesitation with going bigger wheels and flares.
Not really an issue unless the car is lowered or you have any extreme amount of weight in the trunk and back seats. There's enough fender gap on a stock Hellcat at stock ride height to avoid any clearance issues. Dodge just played it safe and cut out more clearance as I would expect for a factory vehicle.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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