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Hey new to the forum. I just picked up a 21 Charger Redeye. I have had 2 hellcats and a trackhawk previously so I am pretty familiar with these vehicles. I am looking for rotors for it but I can't seem to find any. Will 2020 Hellcat rotors fit ? I know the 2020 rotor is 390mm and the 2021 are 400mm but will it still work or ?
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I know more about this topic than I ever wanted to, having owned a '19 REWB and a '21 REWB at the same time. The earlier rotor will technically bolt on but the caliper is moved further away from centerline on the '21 so you'll have a bit of pad hanging off the edge. Obviously that's not a good way to have things...
Fwiw - the rotor and the knuckle(spindle) are all that's really any different between the 400mm and the 390mm setups.
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