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Will 2022 be the last year for the hellcat?

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Anybody know what the last year of the hellcat will be and if there are any significant changes coming?
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I would laugh if they brought out a 600 cubic inch V12 Hemi with a clutched supercharger that turned at 1800 RPM (redline) and got 30mpg. OMG the torque. They'd have to put a torque- reduction gear on it (to spin the output up to, say, 5400RPM BEFORE the transmission, to avoid having a to put an Eaton or Fuller in it...
They say you get a 1 percent increase in efficiency for every 100 RPM you drop in the diesel engine industry, so that would be a 47 percent increase in efficiency right out of the gate.

All the masculinity, fun and America-hating sissies at Mopar would have a c-c-c-crisisssss!

If it got 700hp, that would be 2081 ft-lbs before any reduction gear! OMG.
hellcat will live on but going to be hybrid and or all electric.
I want to see how Dodge suppository-rams their steroid-bloated version of "hybrid" up the noses of the EPA.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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