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Will Demon Calibers bolt to Red Eye Knuckles?

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Where can I buy Demon front Calibers or after market Demon style front calibers?
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Thanks for the spelling lesson guys. I found the info already. Funny how you idiots pay all that money for a car and think your so dam smart.
Spelling accuracy does not define smart. Just means some pay more attention to it than others and things like ”calibers“ jump off the page (as it should imo). We bust chops here and some members are harsher than others which can be cringe or it can just be chop busting lol. While I agree more people should pay more attention to spelling (completely irks me), I also think someone not knowing the correct name of an auto part isn't a crime and therefore should still be allowed to buy an 800hp car :geek:.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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