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Will there be a 2023 Durango 392 SRT?

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I am new to this forum and am hoping production will continue into 2023??
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So the current Uni-Body Durango is made at JNAP. I have a 22 SRT on order that I have the VIN for and the Durango is in D1 status. The bummer is two days after I ordered (03/28/22) they took JNAP down for two months for re-tooling for 2024. It has already been confirmed that in 2024 the "new" Durango will move to the body on frame platform and get the I6. I would not wait for 2023 if it were me. They have already knocked down the color selection. Options are starting to be limited. I tried for two days calling Dodge Customer Care to get the lightweight package added to my build with no success. I am sure 2023 is going to be a short production run as 2022 will be built late into 2022 to get all the orders covered. The 2024 Durango production is being moved to the MACK assembly plant.
Thanks for the informative reply. Appreciated.
I ordered a 2022 SRT through Koons, VA. The process was very easy and at a great price. Now the wait begins...
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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