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Winter storage tire option

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I was doing what I seem to do a lot, searching the internet for ways to spend more money on my car when I stumbled upon these. Has anyone tried them, or even seen them for that matter. Seems like a good trick if you are one of those that wants to take the tires off all winter. Probably cheaper than trying to find a set of cheap rims, my only concern would be if the clear the calipers.

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Yes, those work too. But your tires are still on. These would allow you to take them off. Dollies do have the advantage of 360° movement, where these would still require steering. But I would think long term dolly storage probably leaves weird flat spots the tires.
Yeah, I was already planning on some 2" polyiso board under the tires. I was just surfing the interwebs and came across these...thought to myself "now there is something I wish I had invented"
Agreed. 2" polyiso is free and does the same thing. Well, free for me anyway. I was more just wondering if anyone had tried the Guniwheels yet.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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