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Would you pay more for this Demon?

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I'm not all about the Demon hype, but just saw this Demon for sale in person at Rochester Hills CDJR (Michigan).
I thought the fact that WHO ordered it was kind of special, & it's #0004.
It was his personal car.

The sales guy didn't know if it had the crate or not though, and I didn't get the mileage either.
He didn't have a number/price either for it.

2990E5F7-F17A-4F3A-841E-5F5D5E620FCC by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

0E15C9B4-0A22-4952-A285-A95C5A0C6C8E by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

9316C5FB-80E2-4530-826E-45BA75AD77B7 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

B6EDB559-2D59-4CCE-8811-9BFD27E57BEF by snobrdrdan, on Flickr
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Hell no. I have no interest in any Demon. That $ gets me an exotic.
Inflation, In 1960 minimum wage $1 hr,1985 minimum wage $3.85 hr, 2009 min wage $7.25, at this rate minimum wage will be over $30 an hour by 2060 and a new $50k car will be an economy car. Although these cars will probably be better maintained than the muscle cars of the 70's were there may be more available in better condition. I don't remember how many 71' Hemi Cuda's were made but there were not that many. Still think in 40 years a million wouldn't be surprising.
A new $50k car is pretty much an econobox now so that will not take till 2060 at all IMO.

COL is nuts. Wages, for most normal people, are well below. Why do people think so many stay in relationships? To be able to pay the rent. Around here, PA, it's nuts. No wonder no one has any savings
I disagree that in 40 yrs an original no or low mileage Demon is a million dollar car. There are over 3000 of them. Million dollar cars need to be much rarer than that. EV prevalence or not I dont think it’ll hit a million. They havent increased so far but I do think as the numbers dwindle a bit they’ll go up but not to that level.
Then factor in the Super Stock, and Redeye too I believe, gets a lot of the Demon stuff = you are right
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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