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Would you pay more for this Demon?

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I'm not all about the Demon hype, but just saw this Demon for sale in person at Rochester Hills CDJR (Michigan).
I thought the fact that WHO ordered it was kind of special, & it's #0004.
It was his personal car.

The sales guy didn't know if it had the crate or not though, and I didn't get the mileage either.
He didn't have a number/price either for it.

2990E5F7-F17A-4F3A-841E-5F5D5E620FCC by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

0E15C9B4-0A22-4952-A285-A95C5A0C6C8E by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

9316C5FB-80E2-4530-826E-45BA75AD77B7 by snobrdrdan, on Flickr

B6EDB559-2D59-4CCE-8811-9BFD27E57BEF by snobrdrdan, on Flickr
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I agree, John Force, Richard Petty, Bill Clinton..... lol
What is it worth? $135k is my guess
These cars are different. People bought them to show, a few drag them, and not daily drive. Those 71 hemi cudas hauled kids to school, went to church, drove in the snow with studded snow tires, etc. Those cars hit rock bottom during the gas crisis and could be found for $500 in nice shape. Being driveable now and not crushed is a miracle and why they are valuable and what makes them special.
In 40 years cars may be gone, who knows.
In 10 years every electric car will smoke a demon likely......
I just have my doubts on values that high for these throw away style cars.
I know a guy that daily drives a red demon in the Pittsburgh area. Some people look at him and think he is dumb. I say screw it, drive it and enjoy.
If you own a demon, and it has 2,000 miles on it, you honestly missed out on the enjoyment of that car for the sake of your kids selling it for more money when you die. Good work, not that you will benefit from it. Hopefully they decide to keep it and do rolling burnouts up and down the street in your honor lol.
I honestly have regrets not ordering a demon or two to just beat the crap out of for the next 20 years (could have wrapped one in sublime lol), not to peak under the cover occasionally and tell everyone that I just own one.
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