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Congrats! very nice,
Thank you! Looking forward on hearing you back having fun at the track!

Kudos to HHP and co for keeping Top Cat Hot rod going strong...
HHP is certainly meeting the Challenge!

Way to go JOSH!! Thanks for the updates Linda, always glad to hear from you.;)
Thanks Link I enjoy helping where I can and cheering on all those who are out at the track having a Good time going Fassssst!

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Thanks to Bigklieb34!!!!

Kate my daughter and I met Josh @ his HHP shop early Saturday morning. I was very excited to be finally getting "Top Cat" to the track. Once again we would be chipping away at the ET toward my husband Top Cat's goal! :cool::cool::cool:
The weather forecast of scattered showers had me worried. it didn't help when some rain drops sprinkled on my windshield on the drive down from Pa to DE.:( ( I didn't mention that to Josh;))

Upon arriving to HHP I knew it was going to be a busy day for Josh with 4 cars.
He had a customer meeting him at the track for testing of his car + Kate and I had our cars going too. We finished loading up the trailers and off we went to Cecil County Dragway.
The track was already very busy, as the crowd was out early for T&T.
It's always great to see lots of HHP customers in the Pits. All friends having some racing fun together:)
I just don't know how Josh does it! He somehow keeps up with all the questions from everyone that comes into our Pit and is helpful to his customers who are there for T&T. But on his mind is "Top Cat" I watch and know he is hiding all his tenseness as he is thinking about wanting to succeed with my husbands goal!

John knew the goal he wanted for Josh to achieve would not be that easy to do. Because he knew The Tuner's job would be KEY to make it happen.
John pushed Josh and knew it would put a lot of pressure on him! The challenge was between the 2 and they both knew to "Stay the Course"
This is what is exciting to me to finish the project and meet the goal !!!!

We are hoping to finish this round as Top Cat wanted.
In case a limit had been found, well my husband gave Josh and I instructions on what he wanted done.

Me as the person who had the first R&D car tuned for the Diablo software ......I had seen first hand how hard Josh was working on the tuning tables. We were at the track 2 to 3 x a week and Top Cat had us there many weekends while working with Bruce in the Garage.
I had never seen Josh with out his lap top and watched him searching ways to find out how to make the Hell Cat's go Fassssster!!
Those 2 to 3 xs a week "Our Date Nights" :D
Sometimes John or I would drive Josh to the track, so he could continue working on his LT with Tunes.
During the out of town MSHS races you could find Josh in the hotel lobby with all of us after a day of racing. And usually found in a chair still working the key board on his laptop making sure he kept up with his customers and his schedule.
I just don't think some people realize how hard Josh works. And aside from tuning there is really so much more he does at his shop !

If you listen to Top Cat's mighty Challenger go down the track, you can hear how much better it sounds? That has a lot to do with some new things Josh has been working very hard on with Tuning Tables:cool:

Yes Exactly a Smart Tuner is KEY!

Ohhhhhh and BTW That's Right!!!!! "Those Nano's Will Always Getcha Every Time !!!" ;)
( I remember when they got me Top Cat 9.70 Me 9.71 if I wanted it TC said I had to work for it)

Another World Record was made yesterday with "Top Cat"
Fastest Blower Only Pass [email protected] :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

I would like to post here and tell Josh Thank You for what you do for all of us who want to go Fassster!!!

And to let you know how much Kate and I appreciate your continued support at the track.
Also I am very proud of you for your all your hard work to accomplish the goal in the way Top Cat asked you to achieve it!!

I know Top Cat is also be very proud of you too!!!

Happy for you guys. I'm sure the sun is shining down on you. First time I've read your post and watched the video. Gave me a tear. Sorry for your loss, Linda.

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Linda, If I may make a request. Could you post a picture of you and john together. While I am sad I will never get to meet John in person, I am honored to have been able to message him through here. I would like to meet you one day, but until that day comes a picture will have to suffice. My picture is in my avatar.

Congrats on the run Josh and Linda! Keep it going!

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Congrats to all involved. Looking forward to seeing Top Cat run 8s at a MSHS event this year.


You said hard on. Tehehehe! :D
Hmmmmm There is Josh!!
and right behind him in line is Kate in our Furious Fuchsia 2010 Challenger with an HHP D1 ProCharger build.


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Way to go Linda! Continually turning the true dreams and goals of your hubby into reality...not much more a man could ever ask for...he is proud...just like the rest of us...
Thank You I appreciate your support :) John asked me to continue for him with his Top Cat goal and to do my best to keep everyone posted on here of any new info that comes from the Build of his car and [email protected] HHP. :cool:

Keep Channeling TC's energy...the 8's are calling. Hope to see you all this summer.
I will be looking forward to seeing you this summer!:)
The 8's are getting close. Oh, you are right TC is channeling his energy, especially when certain ideas just pop into my mind. IDK if Josh can work it out, but it will be very cool for future builds if he can ;)

Happy for you guys. I'm sure the sun is shining down on you. First time I've read your post and watched the video. Gave me a tear. Sorry for your loss, Linda.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Thank you, I appreciate it.
Hell is like a Big City that houses many of my Husband's posts and videos of the progress from the R&D and T&T of our cars.
He really loved being part of Hell and Posting all his news here.
It was the Best, crazy and hectic time getting to the track 3 times a week with Josh ( our date night) but it was a wonderful and amazing Fasssst Fun time at the Track together with our Hell Cats. :cool::D ( Our daughter Katelyn was there also with us too)
John just loved everything about his Hell Cat from the modifying racing down the 1/4 car, watching and encouraging me and was excited for every accomplishment I made, just as I was for him sometimes I think because he dreams were big as you can see in my signature "push" I challenged him because I knew he could reach his goal! I too am sorry he is not here. But as many posts up, "he is looking down" and he is........ making sure I follow through and I will!

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