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Z26 Pads cutting off since day 1

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I’m facing an issue with my 2nd set of the Z26 which is at high speed braking when i fully hit the brakes and the car is slowed a bit I feel like a cut off on the brakes like it slides for a second not more than 2 seconds or even less during the stop period, “doesn’t continue to stop” and I also can here it coming from the front sides can’t describe the sound but like the pads are fighting to hold on for that 1 second. And also i can feel it through the brake pedal (shaking,lossing) feeling for the same period. It’s not a big issue unless one day I needed that 1 second to save me from a crash.

What I would do for now is remove the pads sandpaper them all sides because I did forgot to remove the side paint before installing them 7K miles back. But any idea or best way to clean the rotors while they’re installed like quick clean i know using sandpaper by hand is pointless on rotors (unless using a machine) any other ideas? I have my rotors resurfaced same time i did change the pads 7k miles ago because I saw that it needed too after 2 changes, and im within normal specs and even there’s still enough thickness for 2-3 more resurfacing (not planning to but in case). Some might say maybe because of the resurfacing (remember i had it even on the 1st setup). If any did notice this also will love to know to feel a bit better because I’m feeling it’s the Z26 itself doing that maybe try different brand like hawk? After all solutions don’t work out

Cheers all
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I tried them and almost rear ended a guy when needing to do a high speed panic stop on the interstate. After experimenting with a few different manufacturers, I ended up with liking Stop Tech “street” pads the best. All the original Brembo pad bite with less dust.
Would you mind sharing the part number or what kind exactly so we can look into it. Because I do feel it’s the pads are made like this.
Fronts are Stop Tech #308.1405. I’m using Hawks on the rear unit they wear out.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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