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ZL1 Add On's Rock Guards

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Does anyone have the standard Rock Guards or is everyone running the Delux? ZL1 does not have any of the Delux in stock so I was asking if the standard Rock Guards will be OK. Not going to be doing a ton of driving with this car.
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I think I bought the deluxe. After installing, I was concerned that they did not have enough protection in front and found rockblokz. I put them on the front and left the ZL1 guards in the rear. Wide body cars have the tire sticking out past the rocker and doors. This will send rocks into the doors, quarter and rear flare. That is why I went to the rockblokz guards.
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Did you buy the Splash Guard or the Mud Flap? Just watched the install video looks pretty straightforward.
ZL1 Addons were "deluxe rock guards".
Rockblokz were Dodge Challenger Widebody 2018-2021 Rally Mud Flaps

I believe Rockblokz makes two version. I like the quality of the attachment and coverage much better on the Rockblokz!
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