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ZL1 Add On's Rock Guards

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Does anyone have the standard Rock Guards or is everyone running the Delux? ZL1 does not have any of the Delux in stock so I was asking if the standard Rock Guards will be OK. Not going to be doing a ton of driving with this car.
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Just a heads-up....I haven't gotten around to listing them in the classifieds...but I have a brand-new-never-unwrapped set of the ZL Deluxe FRONT-ONLY rock guards for a Widebody Charger. New, they're $57...with shipping, close to $70. I'll sell them for $50 shipped, if anyone is interested.

I just haven't gotten around to taking a photo of them, uploading the photo, etc, etc....maybe I'll try to do that today, but if needed, I can email or text a photo to anyone. It has all the included hardware, etc, etc. My '22 JB Charger came with rock guards already installed in the front, so I only installed the rears.

EDIT: I just posted them here, for photos, etc:

ZL1 Widebody Deluxe Rock Guards (FRONT) - NEW | SRT Hellcat Forum
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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