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Bad intelligent battery sensor (IBS)

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2018 Hellcat Charger 56k miles

Has anyone experienced a bad or failing IBS? I’ve been dealing with low voltage gremlin from hell for about 2.5mo now. So far I’ve replaced the alternator and the battery.. no change, I have had all the grounds checked.. ✅ I’ve had all the recent after market wiring checked ✅ 95% of the aftermarket wiring is 3+yrs old on the car.. so I’m fairly certain they aren’t related to the issue.

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In my experience, I've had Dodge flat out refuse to work on a car of mine that had a swapped PCM. I too was having voltage issues (2018 modified T/A 392) with an unlocked PCM. I took it in for a diagnostic and they said that since I had an aftermarket PCM, they didn't want to waste time chasing gremilns on an aftermarket setup and sent me down the road. Luckily, it turns out it was just the positive connection on the underhood junction box. I noticed a day or two later that when I'd hit a bump, the volts would fluctuate, so I knew then that it was a loose connection somewhere.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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